Are you a nonprofit, bank, credit union or employer seeking new solutions to better engage your donors, customers or employees … without spending precious marketing dollars?

Check out our spavekit™ for communications on how you can effortlessly promote spave to your stakeholders and advocates – tools that will help them and you improve financial wellness while simultaneously helping accelerate the impact of your mission.


to improve

financial wellness …

for you, your stakeholders/ advocates,

your mission


with a new generation looking for ways to make a greater difference and a better world


to bring your mission and brand to the hands and hearts of your stakeholders/ advocates


for helping bring good to others in need


to share facts, stats and substantive information to stakeholders and advocates passionate about your mission

We’re here to help you help others do more good … better.

Be known for being an organization that inspires good.

Interested in white-labeling our solution and embedding spave technology into your current mobile and/or employee benefits platform? 

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